Eutectic Glass Top Chest Freezer

Silent Features:

  • Eutectic solutions jackets are used in inner tank .This type of freezer can keep Ice-Cream from melting for 9 hours without electricity.
  • Compact design with maximum coverage capacity.
  • High density 31-38 Kg/m³ Polyurethane foam injected with high pressure machine
  • HFC 134a/ 404 ecofriendly refrigerants.
  • Avoid skin condenser due to draw back instead of that use auxiliary condenser. The condenser are designed by calculating enthalpy of system considering maximum ambient temperature
  • Branded Compressor are used but do not apply for over capacity systems. Designed is based on compressor capacity not on system
  • For glass top low Heat transfer specially treated low E glass are used
  • Heavy duty castors used.
  • Temperature range -17 °C to -32 °C

Available in models

Model Vol.Lit Dimension W×L×H inc Temperature No.of Doors Consumption Units/24Hr
Gt 300 300 44×27×35 -32°C ± 3°C 2 3
Gt 400 400 54×27×35 -32°C ± 3°C 2 4
Gt 500 500 63×27×35 -32°C ± 3°C 2 5