Blast Freezer

Silent Features:

  • High density 31-38 Kg. / m^3 Polyurethane foam ( PUF) injected with high pressure machine and calculated critical insulation thickness to avoid heat transfer from freezer
  • 304 grade stainless steel cabinet with angle skeleton structure ,rigid in construction
  • Force draft type air circulation make 100 % cooling without any counter mixing so temperature in compartment is uniform
  • Compact design with maximum coverage capacity
  • HFC 404 a ecofriendly refrigerants
  • Branded Compressor are used like Danfoss , Bitzer as per customer requirement. Designed is based on compressor capacity not on system
  • Auto Defrost cycle system as per user set point. Due defrost the refrigeration system is efficient to achieve max. lowest temperature
  • The Micro processor base CRC2052 Controls the hole blast freezer as per our specification, Also gives alarms, digital temperature ,Faults etc
  • Lowest Temperature up to -41 °C @134a refrigerants

Available in models

Model Vol.Lit Dimension W×L×H inc Temperature No.of Doors Consumption Units/24Hr Voltage
30 Cft 850 48 x 50 x 37 -34°C ± 3°C 1 15 440 Ac
50 1280 42 x 80 x 42 -34°C ± 3°C 2 20 440 Ac