On line Chiller

Silent Features:

  • This is the First Online chiller machine never seen in chilling industries. Specially designed in cascade process control system for long life of BPHE
  • Compact design water cooled online chiller with Glycol base system.
  • Well designed electrical controlled panel with all safety aspects like phase preventer, UV,LV,phase asymmetry, emergency trip with all fault indication on panel so easily attend any fault notice in the system.
  • Process safety controlled with high level designed Trip interlock systems like Hp, Lp,Anti freeze control, low level, low flow .
  • Equipped with glycol tank,glycol pump,BPHE, s.s process water pump, scroll compressor, cooling water pump and micro chiller controller with flow switches.

Available in models

Model Dimension W×L×H inc Temperature Voltage Cooling Capacity Lit/hr
Chill2000 35 x 52 x 67 + 3°C 440 Ac 2000